Venice has been hit by a terrible flood disaster that has caused great damage to buildings and artworks. The Dutch Poorters van Venetië (citizens of Venice), the Italian embassy and the Stichting Nederlands Venetië Comité (Foundation Dutch Venice Committee) have started the Red Venetië (Save Venice) campaign with the aim of collecting money to repair the damage caused by the flood. You can help with a donation or by registering for one of the Fundraising Days below. The money will be collected and managed by the Poorters van Venetië, who have been committed to Venice for decades. De Poorters are a cultural ANBI, which means that you can deduct your donation from income or corporation tax. Commissioned by the Poorters, the restorations are being carried out by Italian conservators who are among the best in the world.


Fundraising Day 17 January, 17:00-21:00h
Italiaans Cultureel Instituut, Keizersgracht 564, Amsterdam

The Fundraising Day on Friday January 17 wass organized by the Poorters van Venetië and the Stichting Nederlands Venetië Comité in the Italian Cultural Institute, Keizersgracht 564 in Amsterdam.


Concert Anonimo Venexian 31 January 31, 19:00-21:00h
Keizersgrachtkerk, Keizersgracht 566, Amsterdam

The Fundraising Day on Friday 31 January 2020 is a concert organized by the Italian embassy in the Keizersgrachtkerk, Keizersgracht 566 in Amsterdam. Recorder player Inês d’Avena and harpsichordist Claudio Ribeiro play music that until now was hidden in Venetian archives. The program opens with a newly discovered sonata for recorder and harpsichord attributed to Antonio Vivaldi, recorded in their latest album ‘Anonimo Venexian’ (which is available for purchase). Registration is necessary due to the limited number of seats. Admission to the concert is free, but donations are welcome.